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    Category :   Hobbyist Products : USB Fingerprint Reader Upek Touchchip TCRU1C RX360
    Category :   Networking Products : USB Fingerprint Reader Upek Touchchip TCRU1C RX360
    Category : PC Hardware :   Peripherals : USB Fingerprint Reader Upek Touchchip TCRU1C RX360

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    Manufacturer  Upek

    Product Details

    Unit Price      $19.95
    Your Price $19.95
    SKU 23168
    Mfg. Part # TCRU1C RX360
    Condition New
    Unit Each

    USB Fingerprint Reader Upek Touchchip TCRU1C RX360 


    Product Overview

    This High Quality Biometic Authorization System Replaces the Need to Memorize ALL Passwords. UPEK's USB fingerprint readers provide quick and reliable biometric authentication to desktop or network resources. UPEK's USB fingerprint readers use the same patented technology built into most of today's fingerprint sensor-enabled notebook PC's, as well as many mobile phones, keyboards, POS terminals, door locks, handheld ID terminals and more. Applications include: SINGLE SIGN ON: replace multiple passwords for enterprise, financial and healthcare network users. VPN: secure network access from remote locations. OTP (One-Time Passwords) : increase the security of static (unchanging) passwords. WINDOWS LOGON: more secure access to computing resources. PROTECT ENCRYPTED DATA: Control who views or changes digital data. PRIVACY PROTECTION: medical records, financial records, web transactions. CONVENIENT: UPEK USB fingerprint readers authenticate users with one quick touch of a finger. SECURE: UPEK USB fingerprint readers use patented silicon-based active capacitive sensors for reliable biometric authentication. ACCURATE: separate and protect enrolled users from imposters. TAMPER RESISTANT: mitigate fraudulent use. ROBUST: UPEK's protective sensor coatings offer high ESD tolerance and proven - durability for millions of user swipes or touches. EASE OF INTEGRATION: UPEK offers a choice of Software Development Kit's (SDKs): that work with Eikon and TouchChip USB fingerprint readers. Independent software vendors, system integrators and other developers can easily integrate. This version RX360 version of the TCRU1C features a wall mount adapter as pictured and a 17" USB Type B Cable. Specifications include: 12.8mm x 18mm Active Sensing Area, 256 x 360 Pixel Array, 15 Fps Acquisition Speed, and 508 DPI Resolution. These units are brand new OEM packed and come with a 30 Day HSC Warranty. Software and Drivers at

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    UPEK Product Information UPEK TCRU1C Product Brochure  

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